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MacSecret lets you store your important data, like passwords, bank data and the like, in a secure manner on your Mac. Your data is protected by a password and is stored encrypted on your harddisk. The iPhone Edition of MacSecret is also capable of syncing your data with the Secret! application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. MacSecret is available through our partners at LinkeSOFT. Secret! for the iPhone is available in the Apple AppStore.

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Release Notes for 1.2.0



Release Notes for 1.1.0


Release Notes for 1.0.0



I am not sure if MacSecret is/does what I am looking for. Can you convince me? We believe in the 'try before you buy' approach instead of marketing talk. So you can download your version of MacSecret right here and see if it suits your needs. It is fully functional, but will remind you once in a while, that'll be nice if you register your copy. If you have questions or problems during your test, then please let us know.
Does MacSecret work on PPC/Intel Macs? Yes. It's a Universal Binary.
I found a bug / XYZ is missing, what should I do? Send your bugreport / feature request to our support.
How does syncing work? MacSecret syncs with Secret! on the iPhone via network. It uses Bonjour to discover the iPhone so no special setup (other than a working connection to your local network) is needed.
Does MacSecret iPhone Edition sync via USB, iTunes, Bluetooth, ...? No. MacSecret syncs only via (wireless) network.


Please download version 1.2.0 here

Purchase MacSecret

You can buy MacSecret through the store from our friends at LinkeSOFT.