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Secret! is a program for storing passwords, PINs, TANs - in short an application to store your confidential data. Secret! has a long standing, successful history and is available for the Palm, Windows Mobile and now for the iPhone! No matter if you are a longtime Secret! user coming from another platform or just somebody looking for the right tool to keep your precious data from the prying eye, Secret! will help you out.

After having a long and intensive betatest with many experienced Secret! users, coming from the Palm or Windows platform, we released our first version of Secret! a few month ago to the AppStore. The latest version of Secret! available is 1.1.9.

If you have questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us. :-)

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Documentation to get you started is available here.


What should I do if I have question, found a bug, want a special feature? Please let us know. If you want to help us finding your email quickly then please put "[Secret!]" in the subject. You may also use the support email link on the About screen in Secret! to email us directly from your iPhone/iPod.

How do I rename categories? Just hit the Edit button, select the category you want to edit and tap Done when finished.

Will Secret! lock after a certain time of inactivity? Secret! itself has no inactivity timer itself to lock after a certain time span, instead it detects whenever the device locks itself or goes to sleep. Secret! will then require to enter the password again once the device wakes up.

Get Secret

Secret! is available directly from the Apple AppStore.


now available
  • Fixed synchronization issues under iOS4
  • Improved performance and memory consumption during sync
1.1.6 Bugfix release
  • Bugfix: Unlock after sleep/lock works again.
  • Sync tracing added.
1.1.5 Improvements
  • Localization issues fixed.
  • Instructions in synchronization screen fixed.
  • Screen rotation issues at startup fixed.
  • Adding a new entry now enters the edit mode.
1.1.4 Improvements
  • Automatic unlock on successful password entry added (s. preferences).
  • Show numberpad on startup option.
  • Search improvement: Scroll to searched term.
  • Search improvement: Preview improved, when using html.
  • Bugfix: Change password could corrupt data under certain circumstances.
1.1.3 Improvements
  • Fixes a bug where the application could crash, if the settings of a record where changed right after editing a record.
  • Switch added to preferences for treating html as html in records - or not.
1.1.2 Improvements
  • Larger font for text input boxes
  • Bugfix: Generating passwords caused Secret! to crash under certain conditions
  • Bugfix: Bugfix: Searching in TAN mode corrupted the screen
1.1.1 Bugfix release:
  • Deleting and directly editing could result in data inconsistencies.
1.1.0 New Features:
  • iTan support added: iTans can now be searched in Tan-view
  • You have now the option to let Secret! either lock for a certain amount of time or delete the database, after the wrong password has been entered a few times. This can be configured in the Settings.
1.0.2 Various improvements and bug fixes:
  • Improved search: Now includes inline preview
  • Sync performance improvements
  • Sync now works over local/AdHoc networks
  • German localization added
  • Bugfix: Some Categories were not synchronized
1.0.0 Initial AppStore release. Which featured, among other things:
  • Synchronization with Mac OSX and Windows
  • Strong AES encryption
  • Categorized search
  • TAN support