TV-APATHY : Secret! iPhone Edition : Older Versions

Secret Versions prior to 1.x.x

1.1.7 Improvements
  • Fixed synchronization issues under iOS4
  • Improved performance and memory consumption during sync
1.1.6 Bugfix release
  • Bugfix: Unlock after sleep/lock works again.
  • Sync tracing added.
1.1.5 Improvements
  • Localization issues fixed.
  • Instructions in synchronization screen fixed.
  • Screen rotation issues at startup fixed.
  • Adding a new entry now enters the edit mode.
1.1.4 Improvements
  • Automatic unlock on successful password entry added (s. preferences).
  • Show numberpad on startup option.
  • Search improvement: Scroll to searched term.
  • Search improvement: Preview improved, when using html.
  • Bugfix: Change password could corrupt data under certain circumstances.
1.1.3 Improvements
  • Fixes a bug where the application could crash, if the settings of a record where changed right after editing a record.
  • Switch added to preferences for treating html as html in records - or not.
1.1.2 Improvements
  • Larger font for text input boxes
  • Bugfix: Generating passwords caused Secret! to crash under certain conditions
  • Bugfix: Bugfix: Searching in TAN mode corrupted the screen
1.1.1 Bugfix release:
  • Deleting and directly editing could result in data inconsistencies.
1.1.0 New Features:
  • iTan support added: iTans can now be searched in Tan-view
  • You have now the option to let Secret! either lock for a certain amount of time or delete the database, after the wrong password has been entered a few times. This can be configured in the Settings.
1.0.2 Various improvements and bug fixes:
  • Improved search: Now includes inline preview
  • Sync performance improvements
  • Sync now works over local/AdHoc networks
  • German localization added
  • Bugfix: Some Categories were not synchronized
1.0.0 Initial AppStore release. Which featured, among other things:
  • Synchronization with Mac OSX and Windows
  • Strong AES encryption
  • Categorized search
  • TAN support